Client testimonial from February 2107

When I began the “journey” of trying to sell my house, my first step was to attend open houses in order to meet local realtors and try to assess the local market.I met a number of agents including Elise Vetri. She promised a return call and a visit to my home and she met both promises, something that a number of agents did not do.I eventually narrowed the field to four including Elise and met with them at my home.They all had their plusses, but Elise was the only one who suggested to me a number of courses of action with the assets and liabilities of each.She made no attempt to bedazzle me with unrealistic expectations of what my house could sell for, but gave me the “real story.”
I assured her and the others that I would set to work to improve my home and get back to them when the task was done.She was the only one of the four who maintained contact with me throughout the process.That amazed me and when the time came I reached back to her and she responded.She was at the top of my list from the beginning and her periodic, but not aggressive, communication impressed me so much that she was my first and only choice.
It was probably the best decision of my life.I had never done this before and she chaperoned me through the entire process. And when things were difficult she was reassuring, positive, and upbeat.And always realistic.She provided information, suggestions, and I swear she has an army of people at her disposal who can handle any type of contingency (plumber, mold alleviation experts, radon experts, roofers etc.).She made a difficult process easy.And I will admit I probably drove her “nuts” with my questions, concerns, and problems.Elise Vetri worked hard to make this sale happen.She went above and beyond the call of duty.
Let me draw a sports analogy.Paul Pierce is one of the greatest players in Boston Celtics history.And the Celtics have had more great players than any other NBA franchise.Paul Pierce is known as “The Truth.”When it comes to all time great Real Estate agents, Elise Vetri is “The Truth.”
She had my highest recommendation and my ultimate respect as an agent and as a human being.

— Charles V